Supreme Court


+$2,300,000 Settlements

Sexual Abuse of Children

We recovered more than $2.3 million for four children who were sexually abused.

$1,500,000 Settlement

Environmental Contamination

A corporate polluter dumped toxic PCBs into the local waterway in the 1970s. We recovered $1.5 million for our group of approximately 25 clients for lost property value, and continue to pursue other cases on their behalf. The corporation was also required to clean each property thoroughly.

$400,000 Jury Verdict

Broken Ankle Slip & Fall

$400,000 jury verdict in Berkeley County after Defendants offered $0 for our client’s serious slip and fall injury.

$300,000 Settlement

School’s Improper Response to Student-on-Student Sexual Assault

A seven-year-old boy sexually assaulted a seven-year-old girl on the bus. The school told the girl it was her fault and that she agreed to the assault, despite the boy saying it was all his fault. We sued for violation of the girl’s federal civil rights and recovered $300,000 for her.

$390,000 Settlement

Broken Hip After Being Hit By Car

The insurance company offered my client’s former attorney $0. After filing suit, we proved the driver was responsible and settled for $390,000.

$155,000 Settlement

Defective RV

A major RV manufacturer and dealer sold a “Lemon” RV and wasted our client’s time with shoddy repairs. The manufacturer and dealer ultimately settled a federal lawsuit for the full value of the RV plus attorney’s fees and costs.

$89,080 Settlement

Sexual Harassment

A corporate executive enticed a young mother to move her family to another state to work for his start up. Instead of a dream job, he sexually harassed and sexually assaulted the woman and then fired her when she rejected his advances. Her former attorney told her he couldn’t help…without filing a lawsuit we got her more than $89k.

$135,000 Settlement

Two Children in Car Wreck

By successfully navigating difficult liability and insurance contract issues, we recovered $135k for two young brothers who were in a car wreck in a different state.

$146,736 Settlement

Box truck rear-ended

A man was driving a box truck for work when another driver rear-ended him at a stop light in Georgetown, SC. The best offer made to prior counsel was $15,000, so she referred to us. We ended up making the insurance companies pay a total of $146,736…even though there was only $100,000 of insurance coverage.

+$50,000 Settlement

Denied Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

The homeowner’s insurance company relied on frivolous arguments to deny a claim for repairs following water damage. They ended up paying the cost of the repairs plus much more to the homeowner.

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I think he’s awesome! I can appreciate a lawyer who does not sugarcoat things & who is straight to the point. Josh is the pitbull that I need in my corner. He effectively communicates, is readily accessible & shows genuine concern for my health & well being. Josh is a very professional & passionate attorney.


Couldn’t have done without you, Josh was a god send. I went in thinking I could do on my own. Boy was I wrong! Things moved so much easier with someone who knows the law then I could have ever imagined. Thanks Josh Slavin and [law firm].


Mr. Slavin was a very good attorney as far as my case went. He always answered the phone for me and returned all my messages when I needed to talk to him. He was very good at explaining all the details of my case with me and I felt he put his best effort forward in court. I was very pleased with his services thank you.

Former Client

I would like to thank the [law firm] especially Josh For being patient with me and helping and consulting me and getting my case done in record time.